Ancient traditions, new flavors

Prosciuttificio Antica Pieve lavorazione e stagionatura prosciutti prosciutto crudo

Nature, sustainability and tradition

We mix modern technologies, environmental sustainability and traditional charcuterie art, to carry on a family tradition of over 40 years. We offer a product prepared in full harmony with the territory.

Our Prosciutto Crudo

Simple and genuine

Few ingredients: only quality pork, salt and natural flavors. The real difference is given by our experience and the love we devote to our work.

Prosciuttificio Antica Pieve - Prosciutto stagionato con osso

Nature & Territory

Sustainability and respect for the environment

We work closely with the nature that surrounds us and our hams benefit from the territory, the Sassi di Rocca Malatina Natural Park.

To protect the environment we are committed to an eco-sustainable work limiting the energy impact.

Prosciuttificio Antica Pieve e Saline di Cervia

From the union of two flavors, something unique is born

Thanks to the unique characteristics of the Sweet Salt of Cervia, Dolce Maggiore is born a special product with a sweet and balanced taste: delicate, persistent and slightly salty.

Prosciutto Dolce Maggiore by Prosciuttificio Antica Pieve